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The Milan Flyers has been serving the Ann Arbor and Milan, Michigan community for over 30 years. The club supports a family environment where generations have learned how to fly and enjoy the model aircraft hobby. We strive to continue supporting the education of model aircraft and to instruct how to safely enjoy the hobby.

People from all levels of experience are welcome to the field to include those who have no experience at all. If you would like to learn more, please come out and join us. Some pilots have the ability to safely put you in the air in minutes through the Buddy Box system.

Field of Dreams RC park is open seven days a week. Sunday usually has the most number of pilots who can help instruct and teach.

All solo pilots must be members of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) to fly at the Field of Dreams. The Milan Flyers is registered with the AMA as club# 3426.

There is a yearly fee of $20.00 to join the Milan Flyers.

Official training days for 2016 are now listed on the calendar below and begin in May.

Come join us at the park on May 14 for a Spring BBQ as we officially welcome in the 2016 flying season!

Academy of Model Aeronautics

Membership Application

Milan Flyer Bylaws

Frequency Control
  1. AMA license is required and presented to club officer if requested.
  2. All radios must meet current US FCC standards.
  3. Transmitter impound may be in effect.
Non 2.4Ghz radios
  1. No transmitter may be turned on without having the correct frequency pin attached to the antenna and the operator’s AMA card on the board
  2. The operating frequency of each transmitter shall be indicated by the display of its channel numberon the antenna.
  3. If two or more pilots are on the same frequency they shall take turns.
  4. Frequency pins are to be replaced on the board after each flight.
Safety Procedures
  1. All flying shall be in accordance with the AMA safety code.
  2. Flying should be done from a flag marked flight station.
  3. Helicopters are to be flown in the designated helicopter flying area.
  4. Aircraft are to be carried or taxied under physical control directly east from the pits to the taxi area.No other taxiing is permitted in the pit area.
  5. After landing, models may be taxied to the flight station line. No taxiing into the pits from the flightstation line is allowed.
  6. No low passes near the flight line.
  7. All spectators must remain behind the row of bushes.
  8. The direction of take offs and landings and the pattern will be established by the field supervisor,based on the prevailing wind direction.
  9. The field supervisors, who are in charge of the field safety, will carry authorization by the city of Milan.
Field Etiquette
Every activity has its rules of etiquette, which informally describe the behavior that is expected of all participants. For example, in bowling one doesn’t distract a bowler on the adjacent lane who is preparing to bowl. All etiquette rules can be summarized as:Do nothing that will distract from another’s enjoyment of the activity.This fundamental principle can be used as the basis for a few particular rules of behavior that are\\\\ applicable to our flying at the Sanford Road Model Airfield:

  • Flying a model takes a lot of concentration. Try not to distract those with models in the air by taxiing, taking off or landing close to the flight line. Fast low passes close to the flight line are also very distracting.
  • Extended engine break-ins should be performed at the north or south end of the pits, away from the flight stations.
  • Cellular phone use can be highly distracting to those around you. Please take your conversations to the spectators area behind the hedge.
  • Watch your prop blast. Don’t blow dirt and junk into other airplanes and people. You can do this by starting your airplanes with them pointing towards the flight line (facing east).
  • All guests should be briefed about flight line safety. Please be responsible for children and pets. If your guests are young and energetic, please see that they stay behind the bushes.
  • If your actions cause the loss or damage of another’s model, you ought to accept responsibility and make an offer of compensation.
  • Remember, when retrieving models from the farm field south of the flying field, that you are on private property. Respect it and the growing crops, leave no trace of your retrieval activities.
  • If you fly at the field, please help maintain the field by joining the Milan Flyers club.
  • Always be courteous and aware of other pilots to share the field between all the different types of flying styles and aircraft.
Care of Facility
  1. This beautiful facility is owned by the City of Milan and administered by the Parks and Recreation Department, (734) 439-1549
  2. The flying field is maintained by the Milan Flyers Club. You can help by joining the club.
  3. Pick up all scrap from the flight line area and any crash sites. Broken props and pieces of piano wiremess up the mower!
City/Township Rules and Ordinances
  1. No alcoholic beverages permitted.
  2. Parking is allowed in designated areas only. No overnight parking or camping permitted.
  3. No engines may be run before 9:00a.m. or after 9:00p.m.
  4. All engines must be muffled, not to exceed 98dBA at three meters. A sound meter will be available atthe field.
  5. No portion of the site may be used for other than its intended use.
  6. Flight west of the established flight line is prohibited. The flight line is defined as the line of flagsmarking flight stations extending indefinitely to the north and south.
  7. All pets must be on a leash (It is better not to bring dogs).
  8. No radios, boom boxes, etc. permitted.
The Field of Dreams RC park is located at the Sanford Road park system just South of the railroad tracks.


13225 Sanford Road

Milan, MI 48160

Milan Flyers Field of Dreams

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